Site maintenance this weekend (Updated – Again)

Some site maintenance will be taking place this weekend.

I hope it’s seamless. But if there are any interruptions or glitches, it should be temporary.

Thank you for your patience.

Updated (3/6/22 1:33 pm): It looks like the updates are messing with the “Recent Comments” section of the blog. At first they were pulling comments from years ago, now blank. Sorry. I’m working on it. But I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet!

Updated (3/7/22 8:31 am): It’s going to take me longer than I hoped to repair the “Recent Comments” issue. I will need to hire someone to assist me with some technical issues, so I have no ETA on that fix.

Updated (3/9/22 10:59 am): I just recalled that there is someplace else those who miss Recent Comments can see them (until this issue is resolved). There is a dedicated page here under “About”.

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