SOLF matching donations to Linda Hubley Scholarship Fund

Above: The Town established a scholarship fund in Linda Hubley’s memory. SOLF is seeking community support for their effort to honor her through matching donations.

Last month, I shared the Town’s announcement that a scholarship fund was established in honor of Linda Hubley. Like other Town scholarships, the scholarship is to be fully funded by private donations. The Southborough Open Land Foundation is seeking to support the fundraising effort:

The Trustees of SOLF are issuing a challenge. We will match donations to the newly established Linda Hubley Scholarship Fund up to a total of $1000. . .

SOLF recognized Linda’s lifelong devotion to environmental protection by awarding her the Elaine Beals Conservation Award in 2010. We want to continue honoring her legacy by supporting the newly established Linda Hubley Scholarship Fund.

Honoring Hubley’s legacy isn’t the only reason supporting the fund is consistent with SOLF’s mission. SOLF’s work includes promoting awareness of the importance of conservation. Supporting the fund means aiding students who represent Hubley’s spirit.

Southborough’s Scholarship Advisory Committee previously announced, awards made from the fund will go to:

a student who has demonstrated a commitment to their community through volunteerism, environmental protection and/or ongoing education in these areas.

In order to trigger a matching donation to the scholarship fund from SOLF, the organization is asking donations be paid by checks mailed to (but not made out to) them. 

To support the cause, please write checks out to the “Linda Hubley Scholarship Fund”, then post them to SOLF, PO Box 345, Southborough, MA 01772. They will forward the checks along with their match to the scholarship committee.

For more background on Hubley and the scholarship fund, see my original post.

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