Southborough’s Hostage announces run as Republican for our State Rep; Donaghue Campaign Kickoff Tuesday night

Above: In the race for the 19th Worcester District Representative in State Congress, Southborough Republican Jonathan Hostage is entering from the right to run against Westborough Democrat Kate Donaghue. (photo from his campaign website)

[Editor’s Note: Full disclosure – Although I am personally unenrolled in a political party, one of my children has been selected as a Southborough Democrat Delegate for the party’s upcoming state convention.]

There’s a new candidate running to be our State Representative, and he’s a resident of Southborough. Yesterday, Jonathan Hostage announced he is running. 

As I previously reported, based on redistricting, Southborough will need to elect a new State Representative in a wide open election for the seat. (It looks like that would have been the case regardless, since Carolyn Dykema resigned in February.) Our town is part of a newly created district, 19th Worcester, with more than half of Northborough, most of Westborough, and a small chunk of Framingham.

Last fall, Assistant House Majority Leader Michael Moran said that voting patterns of our newly formed district creates an opportunity for the GOP. It looks like Strong is hoping that’s true. He is running for the seat as a Republican candidate.

Back in January, Democrat Kate Donaghue announced her candidacy. (You can read about her and her positions here.) On Tuesday, Donaghue is officially kicking off her campaign with an event that Southborough voters are invited to attend. (Scroll down for details.) 

Yesterday, the Community Advocate covered Hostage’s announcement:

Hostage shared a statement on Wednesday, detailing the motivations behind his candidacy and citing “the need for all concerned citizens to get involved with so much at stake in Massachusetts.”

“The Massachusetts Legislature’s hard swing to the left hurts workers, families, and taxpayers,” said Hostage, who is running as a Republican.

“Our public schools have become centers for indoctrination and not critical thinking,” he continued. “The disconnect between Beacon Hill and those it supposedly represents has never been worse. I refuse to accept the status quo, and that’s why I’m running.”

You can read the full story here.

Hostage’s platform on his campaign website includes the top listed issues:


  • We need to stop teaching CRT. Teach both the good and not so good about our history with the understanding it’s all part of what created the greatest country in the world!
  • Encourage and facilitate parental involvement in schools
  • Protect womens sports at all levels


  • Reduce spending & government
  • Return America to energy independence to protect our economic stability


  • Fund the police
  • Secure the border
  • Stop the Drugs/Fentanyl is killing our young people
  • Enforce the immigration laws

He also advocates implementing voter ID requirements and term limits. And he calls for better road maintenance.

As for Donaghue’s Kickoff Event – its at the Neighborhood Tavern from 5:30 – 7:30 pm on May 3rd in Northborough. She’ll be joined by U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern who represents the district Southborough is shifting to under redistricting. Southborough voters are invited. (RSVP is requested but not required here.)

The Community Advocate’s story also noted that a third potential candidate had pulled papers but not yet filed. Southborough’s Brett E. Peters indicated to the Secretary of State’s office his intent to run as a Democrat. As of this morning, no papers were filed. Peters still has until this Tuesday to file at the Town Clerk’s office.

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2 years ago

ah yes, southborough: known for teaching CRT and our lax immigration policies. No wonder we’re so diverse!

don’t vote for this transphobe. Kate all the way.

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