APTO seeking volunteers for Friday night’s Post Prom Party for seniors

Previously, I shared the Algonquin Parent Teacher Organization’s fundraising efforts to keep students safe after prom. The APTO was happy to announce they met their fundraising goals for the junior and senior Post Prom Parties. Since then, the challenge has been finding the volunteers needed.

The ARHS Senior Post Prom Party is midnight this Friday, May 20 to 5:00 am on Saturday. The APTO is seeking parents who don’t have seniors as students to volunteer as chaperones. (Students are more likely to attend, and therefore more likely to be safe that night, if their own parents won’t be there.)

There are also volunteers needed for other activities leading up to the event this week. (Those positions can be taken by parents of seniors.)

Most of the volunteer positions require a current CORI on file. (Though, if yours is outdated, you may be able to quickly get one this week if you act soon. You can file at the school or the superintendent’s office.)

Post Prom Parties are overnight extravaganzas jam packed with “can’t miss” entertainment. You can read more details on this year’s party at New England Sports Center here.

To sign up, click here.

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