NSPAC: 2022 Go the Distance Award winners

Above: School and community members were honored for their special contributions to enhancing the lives of NSBORO special education students. (photo by Chelsea Bradway of All things Sparkley Photography)

Last week, NSPAC honored educators and community members who went the distance for special needs students. Now the Northborough/Southborough Special Education Parent Advisory Council is sharing highlights from last week’s ceremony.

2022 Go the Distance Award winners (Photo Credit: Chelsea Bradway photographer at All things Sparkley Photography)The annual Go the Distance Awards are based on nominations from families of students with IEPs/504 plans (or the students themselves). Each year, they are invited to:

recognize one individual who has made a positive impact in your child’s life during this current 2021 – 2022 academic year. This person can be a bus driver, teacher, cafeteria worker, paraprofessional, support staff member, another student, or community employee (such as a coach, dance teacher, or librarian). It should be an individual who has made a significant contribution in enhancing the life of your child.

The photo right is of winners who were able to attend the May 19th awards night.

Below is the list of this year’s winners from Southborough schools and Algonquin:

Finn School

  • Debora Ferreira-Begnami, ELD
  • Katharine Buress, Instructional Aide
  • Andrea Flanagan, Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Alexis LeBlanc, Special Education Teacher

Woodward School

  • Jennie Bogaert, Behavioral Specialist
  • Agnes Cammarata, Instructional Aide
  • Kristen Clark, Instructional Aide
  • Allison Garand, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Lisa Goulet, Special Education Teacher
  • Lisa Guccione, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Nicole Kelleher, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Jocelyn Kelly, 2nd Grade Teacher

Neary School

  • Jill Baker, Instructional Aide
  • Nicole Boloz, Special Education Teacher
  • Jennifer Matthews, School Psychologist

Trottier Middle School

  • Alicia Day, CASTLE Teacher
  • Allison Hasse, Special Education Teacher
  • Veronica Mazzu, Spanish Teacher
  • Kathleen Morgan, Guidance Counselor
  • Sarah Ostler, Instructional Aide
  • Jodi Palmer, Student Support / Tutor
  • Kelsy Rondeau, School Adjustment Counselor
  • Lori Scearbo, Math Teacher

Algonquin Regional High School

  • John Barry, History Teacher
  • Kate Clark, Assistant Director of Student Support Services
  • Caroline Flynn, Instructional Support Teacher
  • Santina Furman, Special Education Teacher
  • Stefani Giegucz, Instructional Aide
  • Andrea Hotchkin, Guidance Counselor
  • Linda Hutchins, Guidance Counselor
  • Caitlin Hynes, Special Education Teacher
  • Sherry Nolan-Hess, Special Education Liaison
  • Lisa Pagan, Speech Therapist
  • Marie Porteus, Special Education Teacher

They also honored two community members:

  • Brian Doherty, Coach
  • Joseph Durant, Southborough Recreation Department

For the full list, which includes teachers/staff from Northborough’s five K-8 schools, click here.

For the slide show with more details on each winner, click here. And for links to a video and photo gallery of the night, click here.

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