Covid Update: Numbers continue to decline

Above: The latest figures for Covid cases in our schools and town.

Good news as we head into the weekend. The latest figures for Southborough and NSBORO schools show a continued decline in Covid cases.

For the public schools, the combined figures were down as Northborough’s numbers continued to drop. (Their surge followed Southborough’s surge.)

In the Dashboard through Wednesday, June 8th, the three districts reported 48 cases. Only 8 were in Southborough K-8 schools (same as last week) and 9 at Algonquin (a drop from the prior week). 

The pooled tests screened 13 cases with two more identified by testing symptomatic staff/students. 

June 8 - New cases in NSBORO schools by week June 8 - Testing in NSBORO schools

The best news was the rebound in combined district wide attendance. It’s back up to 95.2% after dipping to lower than 92% for two weeks in mid-May.

The State’s report issued last night showed 25 cases confirmed in one week and 62 in two weeks.

The figures are just a % of cases for a baseline of whether numbers are up or down. The Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100K residents for two weeks is 45.8. That’s a 37% drop from last week’s report.

As I shared earlier this week, the state’s figures are based on official PCR tests and don’t capture the antigen tests that the Town had been tracking in its figures.* (And neither the state or Town have a way of tracking at-home tests reported to primary care physicians.) 

The report is based on results from tests taken through last Saturday, June 4th. As of that testing, positivity rates were down again in Southborough. Below are my updated graphs and map.

*The Town has shifted to simply sharing highlights from the state data. The Health Department is no longer posting its own stats and demographics.

June 4th new cases per week in Southborough based on DPH data June 4 - Average Daily Incidence Rate per 100K in Southborough over 14 days June 4 - Southborough Testing and Positivity Rates Covid regional map percent positivity from June 9 2022 state report

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