The week in government: Planning on Master Plan Implementation Committee; Select Board on process for Police Chief candidate(s); St Mark’s St Group on revised charge

Here are the posted open, public Southborough committee and board meetings for this week* along with my selected highlights from the agendas.

These days, some meetings are over zoom, some in-person, and others are hybrids that allow both participation through both options.** So far, two meetings posted this week are in-person only, so won’t be captured on videoGolf Course Committee and Board of Assessors.

As always, be aware that changes to the meeting schedule (and agendas) are known to happen throughout the week. For an updated list of meetings, visit the Town website.

Monday, June 27, 2022

  • SHOPC Meeting, 8:30 am (agenda) (Look for video to be posted here.) Agenda Highlights: Reappoint members to SHOPC/Capital Planning – South Union Subcommittee; Discuss Affordable Housing Trust 5 yr plan contract extension and Warrant Article prep; ARPA spending request for technical assistance; MBTA Communities
  • Planning Board Meeting, 7:00 pm @ Town House Hearing Room and zoom (agenda and packet, hearing materials) Agenda Highlights: Public Hearings on Ken’s Foods warehouse and 200 Turnpike Rd facility; Application for 259 Turnpike Rd to be split into 2 lots (to add single family home); Discuss Master Plan Implementation Committee including charge and appointing members, Public Works Planning Board appointment, 154 Turnpike Rd site compliance and tree removal, School Street stone wall, National Grid Tree/vegetation maintenance/tree removal, and proposed bylaws from Tree Protection and Scenic Roads
  • Capital Planning Committee Meeting, pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Requests for addition to Capital Plan (from ARPA LCommittee recommendations) for Historic District Signage and Peninsula Trail Project; Updates on Neary Building Committee and South Union Subcommittee; FY23 planning process; Prioritization criteria for capital items; Next steps re Space Needs Study/Community Center Exploration Committee; Updates on DPW Capital including Hopkinton Water Connection, Cordaville Rd project, and Road and sidewalk projects

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

  • Economic Development Committee Meeting, 8:30 am (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Discuss Bottleneck Grant Application and Intersection identification
  • Select Board Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda and materials) Agenda Highlights: Discuss closing out William Buck Flag 2019 Town Meeting Article; Review Police Chief job description and process for reviewing candidate(s); Appointments to St Mark St Working Group; MWRA permit for public access to trails
  • Municipal Technology Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Next steps on tech related ARPA projects, including website upgrade; Standardized tech vendor question list; Town digital content accessibility; Updates on Town Tech Staffing and new servers, Schools’ synergies with Town IT, and network and security assessments for both; Municipal tech for supporting Electric Vehicles; Digital access control options for transfer station; Cell coverage holes
  • Southborough Trails Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Choate Fund Grants – close out 2021, next steps on 2022; Updates on Aqueduct Connector project, Peninsula Trail and permit status; Rec request to host trail walk/hike; DCR’s offer to add native plants at trailhead; Status of MassTrails Grant and ARPA funding; Trail Maintenance – time tracking, tools and shed; Constitution Drive trail system and maintenance; Accessibility and Inclusion Statement; Committee roles

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

  • Golf Course Committee Meeting, 9:00 am @ Southborough Golf Club clubhouse,
    32 Cordaville Rd (agendaAgenda Highlights: Committee renewal, organization; Discuss letter of complaint sent to Select Board on behalf of Latisquama Rd neighbors

Thursday, June 30, 2022

  • Board of Assessors Meeting, 4:15 pm @ DPW Conference Room, 147 Cordaville Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Act on writing-off uncollectable FY21 personal property taxes, abating uncollectable 2019 excise taxes; Sign FY23 preliminary real estate, personal property, septic betterment, and CPA tax commitments, plus FY22 Omitted and Revised Assessment Report and amended LA13A new growth form; Update on single-family measure & list program
  • St. Mark’s Street Park Working Group Meeting, 7:30 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Review and Discuss Revised Charge

*I don’t include closed Executive Sessions unless the agenda indicates the possibility of some action in an open public session at the opening or closing of the meeting.

**Details on watching meetings remotely:

  • Southborough School Committee meetings are generally broadcast live by Southborough Access Media here and on Verizon-37 and Charter-192. (Video replays are also usually made available through their YouTube channel within a day or two.)
  • Regional School Committee meetings (or Combined meetings based at Algonquin) are broadcast by Northborough Cable Access here and on Verizon-29 and Charter-194. The meetings are also eventually rebroadcast and available through NCAT’s VOD player and YouTube channel (though that can take several days).
  • Town committees and boards that advertise remote meetings can be joined on zoom (details here). They are also streamed live and saved for replay via the Town’s YouTube Channel for Remote Meetings. (Though, occasionally there are glitches.) If they don’t advertise a remote option, assume that only in-person attendance is allowed.

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