Where to pick fruit this summer

Above: It’s blueberry season in New England. You can also find some raspberries to pick now and other options like peaches later this summer. (images cropped from Facebook L-R from Tougas, Nourse and Lookout farms)

If you like fresh-picked blueberries, and enjoy doing the picking yourself, it’s time to look at the local options. And if that fruit’s not your jam, maybe another current/upcoming crop is.

There aren’t any pick-your-own fruit options available to the public in Southborough. Fortunately, there are five farms just a stone’s throw away that offer u-pick fun over the summer. At least two of those are offering picking right now.

My family traditionally enjoyed fruit picking at Tougas Family Farm in Northborough. In addition to spring-fall pick your own fruits, they have a great playground and lots of goats to entertain the kids. Of all the area orchards, they offer the most choices of fruits, and therefore the most consistent picking. (Though, as with all the u-pick programs, you should check the day of or before to ensure conditions are ripe and fruit is plentiful.)

Blueberry season just kicked off and will continue through late August. Cherry season is about to end (only the “tart pie” cherries still remain). Other crops will start ripening in the following overlapping order: peaches and nectarines, blackberries, countless varieties of apples, and pumpkins. To check out what’s picking any given day, click here. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Nourse Farms in Westborough is now promoting PYO summer red raspberries, black raspberries, blueberries, and red currants. Cut-Your-Own flower bouquets are coming soon, followed by fall raspberries in August and Pumpkins in the fall.

Click here for the latest picking report. You can also check out some gorgeous, inviting views of the farm (and cattle herd) on Facebook.

Over in Berlin, Cordelia’s Farm (formerly known as Indian Head Farm) will be offering PYO blueberries any day now, according to its u-pick details. You can also look for raspberries and flowers to start later this month. They also have corn and vegetable crops (that aren’t u-pick but are farm fresh) for sale over the summer.

Hanson’s Farm on Nixon Road in Framingham is an option a commenter recommended last year. Their website doesn’t specify the picking options beyond berries, pumpkins and flowers. Looking at their social media posts, they may be between picking seasons right now. Before visiting, I suggest checking their Facebook page for an update.

It looks like Lookout Farm (aka Belkin Family farm) in Framingham hasn’t yet posted its 2022 picking schedule. in the summer to start its u-pick season. (In recent years, they’ve focused their early summer business on their outdoor dining experience.) Last year they opened peach picking at the end of July, followed by nectarines, apples, and asian pears.

If you have other favorites or suggestions, post a comment below.

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