Teens can sign up to do odd jobs for seniors

Rec is looking to connect Southborough seniors with young adults willing to be paid (or volunteer) to assist with home and yard projects

Southborough Recreation and the Senior Center are partnering to help seniors find teens willing to do work for them – whether that’s for money or to satisfy volunteer hours.

This expands on the idea the Town promoted two winters ago to find residents willing to clear seniors’ driveways. This time around, the focus is on tasks around seniors’ yards and homes.

The Senior Center’s Director, Pam LeFrancois described the kinds of tasks seniors have asked about as including yard work, help with gardening, and other small jobs like moving boxes or help cleaning out a garage.

The Town won’t be scheduling volunteers or booking any work. Recreation is just compiling information on young adults interested in the opportunity.

Rec’s website has a sign up link under program registration. (Which means you need to have a Rec user account, or register.) When a senior inquires for help, they will be supplied with a contact list. “All negotiations of times, locations, pay, hours etc will be between the volunteer/worker and individual in need.”

The signup page promotes:

Have a responsible child in your family looking to earn some extra money this summer while helping those in need? In need community service hours? Look no further!

Join Southborough Recreation as we partner with the Southborough Senior Center to assist seniors in need, with teens and young adults to help with everyday tasks around their yards and homes. Tasks may include lawn care, gardening, painting, or misc. organizing. It will be the responsibility of the individual or their parent/guardian to negotiate times, pay, and travel.

Teens who are interested can sign up here.

Updated (7/8/22 12:41 pm): I got more detail on how seniors can get ahold of the info. (Although, I recommend giving them at least a week to start getting signups!) You can email Recreation@Southboroughma.com or call 508-229-4452.

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