Teen artist drops new single

Padma's new original single and video represent a different sound than she promoted in 2021

Above: A Southborough teen is sharing her original new music with the community. (contributed cover art and promo photo)

“Padma”, dropped a new single today, “I’m So Cool”. She asked me to share her update with readers in her hometown.

You can listen to the single from the 18 year old singer-songwriter below:

(The song is also available through Apple music.)

Also released today was the official video. (Scroll down for that.) The professionally produced video is her first of an original work.*

Some readers may recall that in 2021, Southborough’s Padma Mynampaty asked the community to boost her first EP on spotify through pre-saves.

With her news on this new single, I checked in with her on what happened to the no longer available “East Coast Angel”. She explained it didn’t fit with the sound she’s trying to create. Now she’s focusing on releasing singles instead of full projects.

The Southborough teen graduated from St. Mark’s School last month. I asked what’s up to next for her. She’ll be attending Syracuse University, in their Bandier Program – essentially majoring in the music business.

You learn more about her background in my post from last year. You can find links to Padma’s music and social media accounts, her newsletter, and even merch at padmamusic.com

And here is the new video:

*Padma’s previous videos simply showed her on the guitar, covering songs.

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