The week in government

Ken's Sound Barrier Study Report at Planning and BOH; School Committee; ZBA on role in 40B process; and more

Here are the posted open, public Southborough committee and board meetings for this week* along with my selected highlights from the agendas.

These days, some meetings are over zoom, some in-person, and others are hybrids that allow both participation through both options.**

As always, be aware that changes to the meeting schedule (and agendas) are known to happen throughout the week. (Scroll down for details on meetings that popped up after last Monday’s post.) For an updated list of meetings, visit the Town website.

Monday, September 12, 2022

  • Southborough Public Accessibility Committee Meeting, 9:00 am @ Town House Hearing Room (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Updates on staff training, ARPA funding for engineering, sidewalk requirement to Public Safety Complex and golf course, and sidewalk obstructions; Pole location/permitting process; requiring a Town Project Review process; comments for Select Board on Park Central and St Mark’s Park design plans; Transition plan status for Senior Center and other facilities improvements, DPW/Select Board, and ARPA requests for IT and Recreation improvements
  • Planning Board Meeting, 7:00 pm @ Town House Hearing Room and zoom (agenda and packet, hearing materials) Agenda Highlights: Hearings on 250 Turnpike Rd site plan, and Warrant Articles on bylaws for Tree Protection and Scenic Roads; Discuss 154 Turnpike Rd scenic road tree removal, Park Central 40B proposal, Fayville Hall status, Scenic road stonewall removals at School St and St. Mark’s St, Davis Island removal, and Ken’s Foods Noise Barrier study final report and recommendations
  • Capital Planning Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Updates on Neary Building Committee, South Union Subcommittee, Pavement Management Program, and road maintenance bid; Reviews of Fire Dept 10 yr capital plan; request for Golf Course tee reconfiguration; Q4 Capital Progress, and compliance with capital policy re historic CPC

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

  • Personnel Board Meeting, 9:00 am @ Town House Hearing Room (agenda, Salary Admin Plan) Agenda Highlights: Salary Survey Update; Independent Contractors/Temporary Employees; Tuition Reimbursement Repayment; Updates on revisions to SAP benefits section and Employee Handbook; FY23 Annual salary increase
  • Board of Health Meeting, 9:30 am (agenda, Barrier Study report) Agenda Highlights: Sound Barrier Study final report from Ken’s Warehouse’s consultant
  • Youth Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda and materials) Agenda Highlights: Onboarding new member checklist and offer outreach training
  • Trails Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: DCR MOA Trails Agreement Status Update; MassTrails Grant contracting and project kickoff planning; Updates on crosswalk, and purchase of shed and tool; Trail Maintenance; Choate grant next steps; Constitution Drive trail system

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

  • School Committee Meeting, 6:30 pm @ Trottier Middle School Library, 49 Parkerville Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Updates on reopening, transportation, summer school, MSBA, School Safety, and Before and After School care program; Committee Vacancy; Power of Stories speaker series; FY24 Budget Priorities; Website and Parent Square
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Review role in permit applications for 40B projects with Town Counsel

Thursday, September 15, 2022

  • Conservation Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda and materials) Agenda Highlights: Hearings on 20 & 22 Meadow Lane Stormwater permits for new homes, 2 Spring Meadow Dr applicability for septic replacement, 10 Presidential Dr notice for construction of landscaped area and rebuilding of rock walls, 250 Turnpike Rd confirmation of wetland boundaries, and 200 Turnpike Rd stormwater permit for warehouse and salt shed; Violation at 169 Parkerville Road; Scenic Road Bylaw Discussion; Breakneck Hill Dump update
  • St. Mark’s Street Park Working Group Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Reports from Select Board on group charge, and from Historical Commission on Archeological Dig; Discuss VHB’s Landscape Designs and format for public forum

Friday, September 16, 2022

  • Council on Aging Meeting, 8:30 am @ Senior Center/Cordaville Hall, 9 Cordaville Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Covid and party planning, Southborough Community Fund grant; Update on addition construction plans; Furniture budget; board composition and potential for adding alternates
Looking Back:

Below is a meeting from last week that was posted after I ran last week’s list:

Thursday, September 8, 2022

  • South Union Building – Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership/ Capital Planning Subcommittee Meeting, 7:00 pm (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Discuss draft of Report of Subcommittee and next steps (video not yet posted – click here to check)

*I don’t include closed Executive Sessions unless the agenda indicates the possibility of some action in an open public session at the opening or closing of the meeting.

**Details on watching meetings remotely:

  • Southborough School Committee meetings are generally broadcast live by Southborough Access Media here and on Verizon-37 and Charter-192. (Video replays are also usually made available through their YouTube channel within a day or two.)
  • If I don’t specify a location for Town committees and boards, they will be held on zoom (details here). Zoom/hybrid meetins are also streamed live and saved for replay via the Town’s YouTube Channel for Remote Meetings. (Though, occasionally there are glitches.) If in-person meetings don’t also advertise a zoom option, assume that it won’t be captured on video.

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