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Harvard Depository Circulation Specialist; NSBORO jobs

I received another posting of a job available in Southborough. While I’m at it, I’m tacking on the latest public school jobs.

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Harvard University (Harvard Depository in Southborough)

Depository Circulation Specialist (full-time)

The Harvard Depository is a customer-focused storage facility housing primarily paper-based library collections and records


    • Maintaining and providing oversight of inventory control for items retrieved from warehouse for circulation to clients.
    • Distributing retrieval assignments among Operations staff.
    • Resolving retrieval and inventory problems relating to circulation of materials.
    • Retrieving, sorting, and refiling circulating items.
    • Sizing, sorting, and counting new accession items.
    • Resolving retrieval and inventory problems relating to circulation of materials.
    • Preparing paperwork for HUMS and packing shipments for transport.
    • Giving instruction and aid on procedures to other staff members.
    • Providing telephone and email assistance to clients of the HD when necessary.
    • Generating reports and verifying the accuracy of activity.
    • Operating an electronic lift to heights of 30 feet.
    • Assisting operations and resource sharing as needed.
    • Executing projects of various types, which may include assembling trays, relocating media, as required.

Basic Qualifications:

    • High school diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 2-3 years’ relevant work experience in a production environment.
    • Must be able to lift and carry boxes weighing in excess of 40 pounds.
    • Ability to operate electric lift equipment to heights of 30 feet required.
    • Ability to work in 50º F. environment for extended periods required.
    • Valid driver’s license and safe driving record required.

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Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough (NSBORO)

Here are the new district/Southborough/Algonquin positions listed since my previous post:

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