Nature in the burbs

An owl rescue by SPD, backyard bobcat, and some pretty fall pics

Above: Sharing Southborough images (contributed and from social media) of an owl, momentarily stunned during his rescue, a curious bobcat, and beautiful early fall pics.

I’m cobbling together a few nature related pics and videos that came my way. One was a Southborough Police Facebook post that made Boston media headlines yesterday and two others were contributed by readers.

Enjoy the look at nature in our burbs.

The SPD made an unusual rescue that local media had fun with. NBC10 wrote: “Nothing But Net: Wide-Eyed Owl Rescued From Goal Net in Southboro”; Metrowest Daily News wrote, ” two Southborough police officers gave a hoot on Sunday”, and 7 News quoted the Facebook post noting that the officers “scored a nice save”.

The original post is below. In the comments, you can also find a brief video.

On Sunday afternoon, reader Henry Phillips of Main Street discovered a bobcat wandering through his backyard. He wrote “These are beautiful creatures which many consider to be dangerous, but human interaction is extremely rare and anyone should feel fortunate to see one during the day like this.” You can see his brief video below.

The day prior, reader Christina Lamb contributed some gorgeous nature photos taken by her daughter Olivia. The scenes are across from the St. Mark’s Boathouse.

St Mark's Boathouse, early fall 2022 by Olivia Lamb St Mark's Boathouse, early fall 2022 by Olivia Lamb

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