Village Society celebrating Centennial at Heritage Day

The Southborough Village Society is using Heritage Day to honor its 100 year history.

Above: SVS is celebrating a big anniversary. (images cropped from new website)

The non-profit that runs the Community House is celebrating its 100th year this fall. To mark the occasion, they are inviting the public to join them on Heritage Day.

For those unfamiliar, the 28 Main Street property is across the street from the St. Mark’s Field where most Heritage Day activities are taking place. (Over the years, the house has been used for quite a few related events.)

On Monday, October 10th at 11:00 am, the Southborough Village Society will be hosting a presentation followed by brief tours of the facility (available until 3:00 pm).

As part of their Centennial celebration, the society has launched a new website to help them better market the property. The home page includes:

Community House (photo from website)The Southborough Village Society and the Community House is a citizen supported non-profit organization. The Southborough Community House is not a municipal building and is not supported by any State or local Tax funding. We are supported by rental income and citizen tax deductible donations as well as the good-hearted in-kind assistance of local business and community groups.

The House itself was built in 1906 for William A. White, a Boston lawyer. In 1922 the House was purchased by Charles Francis Choate Jr., also a Boston Lawyer and a resident of Southborough. Mr. Choate donated the house to the newly formed Southborough Village Society as a location to support their community goals and also to provide a location to support Veteran groups after the recent end of World War I.

Since the inception of the Southborough Village Society, the Community House has been a focus for community events that improve the quality of life of Southborough residents. Historically that may have been afternoon social “Teas” on the porch or friendly get togethers at the now gone bowling alley on the property. Nowadays the Community House remains an attractive site, at the center of town, hosting events for the entire town or enabling smaller groups to share in the wonderful experiences that our community has to offer.

The site also includes information on a new fundraiser for the non-profit. SVS is selling commemorative bricks. (I’m told that the exact project details for the placement is still TBD, but the plan is for a spring 2023 installation.) Bricks can be engraved for $100, to be used to ensure the building remains available for use by the community. Learn more here.

Updated (10/4/22 2:39 pm): I forgot to include that Heritage Day is this Monday for any readers who didn’t know.

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