ARHS Class of 2024’s Boon fundraiser

Algonquin's junior class is inviting public to shop their fundraiser.

Above: Algonquin’s junior class is raising funds. They are again asking the public to help by shopping for “eco-friendly” products and items for treating yourself or others.

Algonquin Regional’s Class of 2024 asked me to help promote their Boon Fundraiser. The class has partnered with Boon Supply for an online shopping opportunity, starting today.

Support the fundraiser now through Tuesday, November 15:

The ARHS Class of 2024 is partnering with Boon Supply which sells eco-friendly products, including personal care items, wonderful gift ideas, and much more while allowing you to give back to the community. When you use our code when purchasing through Boon Supply, 40% of the purchase goes back to our class. Feel free to spread the word to your friends and family and help the Class of 2024!

Boon Fundraiser 2022 Boon Fundraiser 2022 (p 2)

You can shop the fundraiser here

The website touts products under the following categories: Bags & Accessories, Kitchen & Pantry, Waste-Free Living, Sweet & Savory, Gifts & Holiday, and Magazines.



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