Babysitting 101

Teens in grades 6-8 can register for a course to learn to babysit

Southborough Recreation is offering a Babysitting 101 course for middle schoolers this month.

The class takes place after school on Monday, November 21st and Tuesday the 22nd. (Students must attend both sessions to be certified.) The cost is $50. 

Participants will learn necessary skills for babysitting and starting a babysitting business: 

Learn how to: interview for a babysitting job, choose safe and age-appropriate toys and games, perform first-aid, learn diapering and feeding techniques, handle bedtime issues, learn tips for having a safe babysitting experience and more!

This class includes a variety of teaching methods, including active discussion, a video and role playing, with material provided by Smart Kids 101.

Students are instruted to bring a water bottle, snack and doll or stuffed toy to each class.

The program will take place in the South Union Building. Recreation will transport students from Trottier after school for the 2:30 pm class, but parents are responsible for picking them up at at 5:00 pm from 21 Highland Street. To register, click here.

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