Textiles recycling/disposal reminder

The DPW is alerting residents that they can't dump textiles in the trash or recycling. NSBORO Schools' parent teacher organizations are reminding that you can support them by giving them textiles for recycling/reuse.

Above: Two announcements this week are prompting me to share a reminder with readers about how to rid yourself of unwanted textiles.

I received a request to share a reminder about the textile bins at our public schools. I also came across alerts from Public Works telling residents that dumping textiles in the trash and recycling isn’t accepted.

DPW annoncementThe Town’s textiles prohibition was part of this year’s revised Transfer Station rules. Those were based on the ban issued by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection which went into statewide effect yesterday.

There is an exception noted in the state’s ban. It appears you can trash textiles that “are contaminated with mold, bodily fluids, insects, oil, or hazardous substances.”

As for uncontaminated clothes and linens that are torn or stained that you consider to be trash could potentially be recycled (though not through the Transfer Station’s recycling bins.) According to an article in the Globe, they are sometimes converted into insulation, carpet padding, soundproofing material, or industrial wiping cloths.

According to Public Works’ announcement, residents with Transfer Station stickers can donate textiles in their Goodwill Dropoff Trailer. (You can learn more about what they can accept here.)

But, organizers for SOS (Southborough Organization for the Schools), APTO (Algonquin Parent Teacher Organization) and Northborough’s PTOs would much rather you take advantage of the bins in the parking lot of each NSBORO Schools. The organizations get paid by the pound for materials collected in their bins.

NSBORO Oct 2022 textiles announcementAccording to their latest announcement, in October alone the Northborough and Southborough community diverted 12,750 lbs worth of textiles from the trash.

For a reminder of what NSBORO bins can and can’t accept, click here.

Note: Unlike other textiles, mattresses of any condition can’t be accepted by the Transfer Station, Goodwill Trailer or NSBORO bins. (For information on how to get rid of those and any other items the organizations can’t accept, the DPW points residents to check here.)

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John Kendall
1 month ago

Perhaps we can get a textile recycling bin installed at the transfer station

John Kendall
1 month ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Nope, didn’t miss the reference. But a bin at the DPW for SOS

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