First Community’s Pie Sale – Saturday

Volunteers will be selling desserts outside of Mauro's Cafe on Saturday morning.

Above: You don’t need to bake pies to enjoy them on Thanksgiving – or sooner. (images L-R cropped from pics posted to Unsplash by Prchi Palwe and flickr by bnilsen)

After a two year hiatus, the First Community Church of Southborough’s annual Pie Sale is back. (And with more than just pies.)

As a fundraiser, members of the congregation sell desserts the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Starting at 8:00 am on November 19th, they’ll be at their usual perch — outside of Mauro’s Village Cafe (2 Main Street). They’ll be there until 11:00 am or whenever they run out of items to sell.

You can buy full pies: pumpkin, apple, or lemon meringue. Or you can purchase other goodies including apple crisp and chocolate covered pretzels.

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