Kids Shop with “Bigger Selection” – Dec 3

Details on Troop 92's annual pop-up store where kids can holiday shop without prying eyes

Above: Kids shop then get gifts wrapped while their family hangs out in the café (photos by Beth Melo)

Troop 92 is promoting the details of this year’s “Kids Shop”. Every year, the Boy Scouts offer kids a safe and fun environment to pick out inexpensive gifts for the family without parents’ prying eyes.

Annual Kids Shop flyerAs usual, the boys will be holding it on the busy first Saturday of December. That’s December 3rd from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. For the second year, it will be held in the Parish Hall at St. Ann’s Church, 20 Boston Road.

The event is a popular one that lets children shop for unique, affordable gifts for their parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, and even their pets.

This year, organizers are promoting a bigger selection with “1,000 gifts to choose from“.

Here’s how it works. Scouts will escort your kids through the shop set up in the cafeteria while you wait outside of the “shop”. The gifts they purchase will be wrapped (or gift bagged) and tagged by adults and scouts, so kids can keep everything a surprise.

While waiting, you can “relax with a cup of coffee and have lunch or a snack while you wonder what delightful presents you’ll be receiving!” They’ll be selling chili, hotdogs, cookies, coffee, and other beverages.

Of course, the surprise element is optional. You can also accompany your children and help them pick out gifts yourself if you prefer. Parents and grandparents are welcome to shop as well. Admission is free.

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