Assabet Valley Mastersingers – Open Rehearsal

AVM is issuing an invitation to potential new members as they begin rehearsals for their spring concert.

Above: A regional chorus that requires auditions is inviting the public to explore joining them. (images from AVM’s website.)

Assabet Valley Mastersingers is encouraging new members to join them in preparation for their spring concert. A week from Monday, the regional chorus will hold an “open rehearsal”.

AVM invites singers to join them on Monday, November 28th from 7:30 – 9:45 pm:

Interested vocalists are invited to attend an AVM Open Rehearsal to get a sense of how regular rehearsals are run and of the group itself.  Come early so that you can meet the Membership Chair, Deb Wallace, and section leaders, and get music for rehearsal. AVM offers a choral experience in a community of welcoming, inclusive, respectful, collegial and talented vocalists who value
high artistic standards.

After the rehearsal, if you decide to pursue joining the chorus, you will need to schedule an audition with AVM’s Artistic Director, Robert P. Eaton. Prior to the audition singers are asked to:

prepare a piece to provide the Artistic Director with a sense of your voice qualities. The piece need not be elaborate.

The November 28th and subsequent rehearsals are held in Shrewsbury at First Congregational Church (19 Church Road). AVM will be preparing their March 26th concert “CORONATION CLEBRATION” featuring “Coronation Mass” by Mozart and “Coronation Anthems” by Handel.

For information click here

AVM isn’t the only regional chorus that recruits members from Southborough. You can read about other area singing groups here. (Most are still preparing for holiday concerts in December, with rehearsals for spring concerts not likely to begin before January.)

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