Tree Work Update

Schedule for trees being removed and trimmed in Southborough.

Above: The DPW posted more updates this week on scheduled tree removals taking place around town. (image from Facebook)

Yesterday and today, the Town posted more updates on the scheduled tree removals and tree trimmings in Southborough.

As I previously posted, the Town’s contractor began this month to remove (agreed upon) dead trees around Southborough. It appears that the timing overlaps with tree trimming work being done in town by National Grid as part of its annual Vegetation Management Plan. (Although the work doesn’t appear to be scheduled to take place on the same days.)

The DPW posted on the Town website that for the tree removals it “coordinated with the schools to ensure bus routes would not be impacted and times were selected to be cognizant of high-traffic hours.”

Based on the DPW’s Facebook page posts, it appears that tree removals on Gilmore Road continued yesterday with work also beginning on Southville Road. Tomorrow, January 19th, the contractor will continue using cranes to remove trees on Southville Road, plus Parkerville Road (north) and Oregon Road. 

The tree contractor’s subsequent scheduled date for removals is Thursday, February 9th (roads unspecified). On the dates Tuesday, February 21st – Thursday, February 23rd, the crew is scheduled to remove trees from Flagg Road and Breakneck Hill Road. (The dates were chosen for school vacation week to avoid interference with buses.)

As for the NGrid trimmings, a bucket crew will be doing that work. While yesterday’s post to the Town website has that scheduled for Thursday, January 26th, a Facebook post this afternoon updates:

National Grid will be trimming around the powerlines starting next week, 1/23. . . The tree contractor, ARS Corp, will be working on the following roads as part of this circuit: Northboro, Main, Lynbrook, Lovers, Flagg.

For future updates, residents are pointed to the Facebook page (here) or the Town Twitter account (here).

Anyone with questions about the approved trees for removal is encouraged to call the DPW office at (508) 485-1210.

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