Sign up to Give at the Blood Mobile

A Blood Mobile will be visiting Southborough. Residents are encouraged to donate life saving blood.

Above: Registration is open for the next blood drive in Southborough. (image edited from flyer)

A Southborough resident has organized another visit from the Blood Mobile that serves Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The community is encouraged to sign up to donate on February 9th. Donors will be rewarded with a gift and a chance to win a special gift basket.

Blood MobileKaren Anglim is asking the public to give blood through the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center’s Blood Mobile. 

Certain donors appear to be in high demand. Brigham and Women’s is still advertising that they are “approaching a critical shortage of Type-O positive and negative whole blood.” (Of course, they are also seeking blood from those that don’t meet that criteria.)

To donate, you must be over 17 years old, at least 110lbs., “in good health and feeling well”, and bring a Photo ID. (The flyer also recommends participants “Be well hydrated and eat before donating”.)

If you have other concerns about specific eligibility issues, please email or call 617-632-3206.

Feb 9th Blood Drive flyerAnglim is working to make this a regular event. For now, there are two dates scheduled with open registration.

The mobile clinic will be parked at the Southborough Library (25 Main Street) on Thursday, February 9th for several hours. As of writing this post, the remaining slots for that day were between 2:20 – 6:20 pm.

hoodie“Successful” donors at this drive will be gifted a a blue hoodie sweatshirt from the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center.

Click here to register.

In addition, Anglim is offering a chance at another gift to all donors “regardless of being successful or not”, while also promoting a new small business — AVN Creates, launched by resident Amy Van Ness:

AVN Gift Basket being "raffled off"The gift basket being raffled off includes a custom Southborough wood cutting board, two etched wine glasses, a candle and a faux plant. All donors, regardless of being successful or not, should please check in at the registration table with me to fill out a raffle form so they can enter to win the basket!

The mobile will return on Thursday, April 27th. Those details are TBD. Click here to register for that date.

Updated (1/27/23): In one spot a typo referred to February 29th. It is the 9th.

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