Wind Chill warning

Below zero winds all day, dipping to -34° overnight

Above: NWS is predicting brutal wind chills today and tomorrow. Our town should be spared the worst of it, but it wil still be a hazard for anyone underdressed for the weather. (image from Facebook)

It’s beyond chilly out there. The latest National Weather Service warning about wind chills in Southborough have temperatures likened to below zero already. Later this morning, they’ll dip close to -10°. This afternoon as kids get off the bus will be even colder. And by this evening when many folks get home from work, wind chills will be around -15° and go downhill from there.

NWS forecast for Wind Chills in SouthboroughThe lowest temp predicted is when most of us will be in bed. At around 4:00 am, the actual temperature is forecast to be -9° and the wind chill -34°.

Adding to the dangers is wind gusts, predicted to peak at about 43 mph around 10:00 pm. Fortunately, the Town’s contractor began work last month to remove dead trees. And National Grid began it’s annual tree trimming and “vegetation management” to reduce chances of power lines coming down. (Unfortunately, that work hasn’t been completed yet with more schedule for this month.)

On a more positive note – at least we aren’t predicted to get any ice or snow.

Saturday will be better than today but still pretty brutal. Wind Chills won’t get up to 0° until 6:00 pm. So, still not a day for outdoor play.

Sunday will be much better. The temperature will peak in the afternoon at around 43° and wind chills of above freezing at 35° around 3:00 pm. (Not exactly balmy, but pretty good for mid-winter in New England.)

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