Road closure to impact NSBORO bus times this afternoon

A downed power line is causing a road closure on Bartlett Street, south of Algonquin’s driveway. The closure between Lyman Street and Bartlett is likely to impact bus times this afternoon

A message from NSBORO schools states:

The Northborough Police Department informed us that there is a road closure on Bartlett Street between Lyman Street and the Algonquin Regional High School entrance.

This closure will impact Algonquin Regional High School and Peaslee School the most. However, travel routes between Northborough and Southborough will be disrupted and create delays for PM bus transportation. NRT is working on alternate routes. If a bus can’t access a bus stop, schools will communicate with families for alternate arrangements.

Moreover, if the status of the road closure changes, we will communicate with you. We wanted to provide as much ​notice as possible for the likely delays.

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