Candidates Night video

Above: SAM captured Candidates’ Night on video.

As I wrote yesterday, Thursday night was the annual Candidates’ Night. Unfortunately, due to personal conflicts, I only managed to recap half of the panels. Fortunately, Southborough Access Media posted the video yesterday afternoon. You can find that here or view it above.

Below are direct links to the panels I have yet to cover.

To skip directly to the section on the Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds, click here. That segment featured only Sam Stivers. Bill Boland informed the Trustees the night prior that he would be working late that night.

For the Select Board candidates section, click here. It included a 3½ of the 5 candidates — Al Hamilton, Marguerite Landry, and Brett Peters gave their 3 minute introductions and then participated in a Q&A. The intros began with a video by David Parry who is traveling in Europe, so was unable to be part of the live discussion.

Select Board Candidate Bena Phillipo had notified the Trustees well in advance that she wouldn’t be able to attend a forum that evening. When I reached out to her, she explained that she would be in upstate New York for a class.

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