Give Red Apples to the Teachers (and staff)

SCF is encouraging families to use the "Red Apple Awards" as year end gifts to educators in Southborough schools and Algonquin

Above: SCF is promoting Red Apples as a way to thank Southborough public school educators for all that they’ve done. (image cropped from flyer)

The Southborough Community Fund is asking families with kids in the Southborough (and regional) public schools to use Red Apple Awards to thank educators. Families can select teachers to acknowledge in their child’s name and add a personalized note to be included. (No minimum donation is required, and the amount will not be shown.) 

SCF promotes:

Red Apple donations flyerEach Red Apple Award honors an educator who has contributed to your child’s success. Your donation to the Southborough Community Fund supports innovative learning initiatives outside of the standard curriculum across Southborough schools.

Most importantly, teachers LOVE to receive them!

The deadline for gifts is Friday, June 9th. Click here to complete the online donation form. SCF’s flyer notes:

Contributions are tax-deductible and meet State Ethics Commission gift-giving guidelines. Certificates will be delivered to honorees before the end of the calendar year. Email with questions.

Red Apples were a tradition started long ago by Southborough Education Foundation to support educational grants to the public schools and continued by SCF after their 2021 merger. For the current school year, SCF has already awarded the following $3,700 worth of mini grants to NSBORO schools:

Algonquin Regional High School

Power On! — $750

Funded the purchase of multiple copies of the graphic novel Power On!, to assist students in taking a deeper dive into the importance of diversity in the computer science field and current existing biases.

Marketing Literacy — $750

Purchasing copies of Shoe Dog by Phil Knight to be used to increase literacy, reading comprehension, writing skills & the fundamentals of starting a business.

iRobot Roots — $750

The purchase of these robots will provide students with the real world ability to program using pseudocode, Python or Javascript

Woodward Elementary School

Walk & Talk Bags — $700

The Walk & Talk Bags would give students who are not interested in the “sporty” recess activities or may be injured the opportunity to engage with others during outdoor recess. They help promote conversations and interaction between students while aligning with Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The bags would hold a selection of Joke/Riddle/Tongue Twister Books, Clipboards with Drawing Paper, Sidewalk Chalk, Rubix Cubes & more.

Finn Elementary School

Planting from Seed to Harvest — $750

Students will receive a hands-on learning experience facilitated by Chestnut Hill Farm. Students will learn the life cycle of a vegetable plant & how to properly plant a seed & grow a healthy plant. They will also learn how earthworms help our gardens. It will be a multisensory program.

Of course, SCF supports more than just grants for the schools. Over the past school year, they also awarded over $42K for other initiatives to help the Southborough community. You can read the full details here.

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