CERT asking for specific food donations for Migrant Families

Above: To help a immigrant families sheltering in Southborough, volunteers are calling for specified contributed items to be brought to the public safety station through this Saturday. (images from registry website and by Beth Melo)

I have another update on the close to 70 migrants (including children) being temporarily sheltered in Southborough. I was asked to share a request for support from Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I’m told they are specifically low on a few food items.

They are seeking Little Bite muffins, Goldfish packets, and (a new item not listed in the registry) fruit cups — especially tropical flavored. As I previously shared, the donations are being collected at the Public Safety Building.  

I took a look, and not all of the items are available at all nearby Target locations. However, you can buy items from another market, then just marked them as purchased in the registry (here).

Southborough’s Fire Chief, Steven Achilles, updated the Select Board and community on the shelter situation on Tuesday night. He noted that the situation is still in flux and they aren’t sure how long the migrants will be housed in Southborough. (They will be here at least through the weekend, and officials will learn more on Monday.) It is partially for that reason that there was a deadline for the collection drive and only specific items were being requested.

In the discussion, Town officials noted that the state is paying for the hotel and two meals per day. But the rest of the support for the families essentially stuck on an island, is to be provided by the Town. That’s being handled by CERT with a command structure through public safety. It’s also being supported by the Health and Youth & Family Services departments.

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