GonkPlex Update

Above: There’s progress on the GonkPlex project, but still more work needed before student athletes can make use of it this fall. (photo by Mike Gorman from NSBORO newsletter)

The NSBORO District’s latest newsletter provided an update on Algonquin Regional High School’s Athletic Complex (GonkPlex) construction project.

The district was happy to tout that tennis courts were lined and painted and should be available for use in a few weeks. However, that’s one of the few outdoor facilities that isn’t used by teams in the fall.

The timeline range for facilities that directly impact the fall season range from completion of the multi-purpose field by the end of September (if all goes well) to completion of the big stadium and track by early November at the outside.

Here’s the update from the “NSboro News” message issued on Tuesday:

GonkPlex photo by Mike Gorman from NSBORO newsletterWhat a difference a week makes. This past week, the tennis courts were lined and painted, the stadium and multipurpose lighting have been erected, turf has been installed on the stadium field, and the multipurpose field is being prepped for turf installation. Although great progress has been made, much work remains.

The question asked most often is, “When can we start using the Complex?

  • This week the final asphalt layer of the track will be added, which will begin the resting period and will take between twenty and thirty days.
  • We anticipate completing the tennis and pickleball courts in a few weeks and opening for student and community use by mid-September.
  • The stadium field and track are anticipated to be completed by the end of October or early November.
  • The multipurpose field is anticipated to be completed by the end of September or early October.
  • The anticipated completion of Phase One of the Athletic Complex Project is early November.

The Project Committee will examine if the multipurpose field can SAFELY be utilized sooner. I will communicate whether this is feasible in late September. Overall, it will appear that the Complex is ready earlier than the end of October; however, this is not the case, as much work is scheduled for September and October. In addition, weather plays a significant factor in timelines. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate in the months ahead.

I checked in with Superintendent Gregory Martineau for clarity on the phases. He pointed me to a prior timeline update.

In addition to the courts, stadium field, and track, “Phase One” includes installation of the Grandstand, parking lots, outdoor basketball court, ampitheater, and lacrosse wall.

That message defined Phase Two, slated for December, as “interior construction of the existing amenities building”. The final phase to begin in March is landscaping. Of course, all of the timing for outdoor work is weather dependent.

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