The week in government

School Committee; Conservation hearings on St. Mark's new parking lot (in swapped St. Mark's St intersection), Breakneck Hill farm dump cleanup, Commuter Rail parking lot accessibility fixes, and more

Here are the posted open, public Southborough committee and board meetings for this week* along with my selected highlights from the agendas.

These days, some meetings are over zoom, some in-person, and others are hybrids that allow both participation through both options. (Most, but not all, can be participated in, watched live, and replayed from home.)**

As always, be aware that changes to the meeting schedule (and agendas) are known to happen throughout the week. For an updated list of meetings, visit the Town website.

Monday, September 11, 2023

  • Community Preservation Committee Meeting 7:30 pm @ Cordaville Hall, Room B, 9 Cordaville Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Preliminary Application Review; Review South Union School; Affordable Housing Trust Fund Strategic Financial Plan, letter from AHTFC, and fund transfer documentation

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

  • Southborough Housing Authority Meeting, 5:30 pm @ Colonial Gardens, 49 Boston Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Officer elections; Approval of Gardening and Recreational Activity policy and Pet policy
  • Recreation Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm @ zoom only (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Private Lesson usage at Richardson Tennis Courts; Updates on past and future programs; Update Capital Plan; Dog Park update; grant application for Lundblad ADA compliant sidewalks; Field Permit Fee Revolving Fund; South Union building discussion and next steps; Request to attend National Rec & Parks Assoc’s Revenue Development School

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

  • Personnel Board Meeting, 9:00 am @ Town House Hearing Room and zoom (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Employee Handbook; Salary Grid Implementation Analysis; FY25 compensation
  • Greater Boroughs Partnership for Health Advisory Meeting, 2:00 pm @ zoom only (agenda) Agenda Highlights: FY24 grant budget and workplan; Community Health Equity Initiative (CHEI) Survey; vaccine clinics; Food Insecurity Intern project update; Substance Use Prevention Work; Public Health Excellence Collaborative alternative meeting posting method
  • Southborough School Committee Meeting, 6:30 pm @ Trottier Middle School Library, 49 Parkerville Road (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Updates on School Reopening (Extended School Year, English Language Development, Professional Development, Orientation for new teachers, and Communications), Facilities projects, Transportation and Solar; Update on Neary Building project; Subcommittee and Liaison Assignments; Enrollments; FY25 Budget priorities; Distribution of approved policy on conduct at School Committees meeting

Thursday, September 14, 2023

  • Conservation Commission Meeting, 7:00 pm @ zoom only (agenda and packet) Agenda Highlights: Public Hearings on St. Mark’s School parking lot (new area on parcel swapped with St. Mark’s Street), Breakneck Hill Conservation Land (Farm Dump cleanup plan), commuter rail parking lot (fixing deteriorated/insufficient ADA access), 5 Cordaville Rd (house demolition and construction), 10 Overlook Drive (septic replacement), 250 Turnpike Road (construction of contractor yard building and maintenance of detention basins), and 20 Sears Rd (confirmation of wetland boundaries); Discuss violation mitigation for 38 Presidential Drive and Restrictive Covenant for 84 Main Street

Friday, September 15, 2023

  • Council on Aging Meeting, 11:00 am @ Cordaville Hall, 9 Cordaville Rd (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Construction update; Programs update (past and future); Knox boxes with Fire Dept; Possible 60+ newsletter; Survey and Assessment Update; Election policy. Political candidates and the DMC; Strategy Meeting (Re-naming of COA, and subcommittee reports)

*I don’t include closed Executive Sessions unless the agenda indicates the possibility of some action in an open public session at the opening or closing of the meeting.

**Details on watching meetings remotely:

  • Town Committee/Board Meetings:
    • If in-person meetings don’t also advertise a zoom option, assume that it won’t be broadcast or captured on video.
    • To remotely participate in meetings that allow zoom, click here.
    • To live stream (or view later) remote or hybrid meetings (even those covered by Southborough Access Media) over the internet, use the Town’s YouTube Channel for Remote Meetings. (The meetings covered by SAM can also be streamed on their website here, and eventually on SAM’s YouTube Channel.)
    • Cable Access — Southborough Access Media broadcasts the regular evening meetings for the Select Board, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals that take place in the Town House Hearing Room. (Those meetings will still allow zoom participation.) View SAM’s live and replayed broadcasts via their Government cable access channel (Verizon-38 and Charter-194).
  • School Committee Meetings:
    • Regular Southborough School Committee meetings are generally broadcast live by Southborough Access Media here and on Verizon-37 and Charter-192. (Video replays are also usually made available through their YouTube channel within a couple of days.)
  • Other:
    • Southborough does participate in some regional collaboratives hosted in other towns. Those committees follow their own rules and may not offer a way to re-watch zoom meetings.

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