SPD warning about “Irish Traveler” construction scam in our area

Southborough Police issued another warning on Facebook about scams targeting seniors. Referred to as “the Irish Traveler Scam”, yesterday’s message includes an example of a purported attempt in by a man with an Irish accent to con an elderly woman in a “local” town.

The Facebook message states:

Irish Traveler Scams in the area:

A notice to all (and please remind your elderly loved ones/neighbors) that the Irish Traveler Scam is still being conducted in the area. A local department had the following take place in their town:
A male knocked on the victim’s door on June 30, 2024. The male, who had an Irish accent, stated that he could remove the ivy from the victim’s chimney, and she agreed to pay $150. The victim indicated that the male party brought a ladder two days later and removed a small ivy area. He then told the victim that the chimney was damaged and needed work for $2,500; but since his guys were already up there, he could do it for $2,000. The victim declined to do the job. The suspect had left her property without his ladder. The victim removed the ladder from the roof, and the suspect never returned.

These scams usually involve a lot of pressure and quick talking sales tactics in order to scam the potential victim. Once they receive the money, they usually take off and never complete the work. We strongly suggest rejecting these types of repair offers and utilizing a reputable area business to complete your necessary construction (if it is needed).

Please share this advisory with your friends, family, and neighbors. Thank you.

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