Businesses In & Out (Updated)

Commercial real estate news about businesses moving to and from town.

I’m sharing two tidbits from recent business real estate news articles. One featured a business relocating from route 9 in Southborough, and the other was one moving into at different building down the road. Plus recent hearing notices shed light on how one of the properties will be used.

An article in the Boston Business Journal highlights “office vacancy rates at a high point” when covering a Westborough office building’s “coup”.

Bohler Engineering is moving its Metro West office from 352 Turnpike Road in Southborough to a 20,000 sq ft office on Washington St in Westborough.

On the flip side, Worcester Business Journal reported on Monday that Walker Development and Construction Management is moving into town:

The company purchased 337 Turnpike Road in Southborough for $5.1 million in a deal finalized in December, according to Worcester District Registry of Deeds records. The firm is building out an office space for its use on the building’s second floor and installed a new sign on the building’s facade on June 27.

The company is currently located in Marlborough. You can read more here.

Although the article doesn’t mention it, there are also plans in process for another business in the building.

On Wednesday (July 17th), the Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a hearing for a company to use the site as an Adult Day Health Care Center. The application is by Gracious Home Adult Day Health Care Center, LLC. On July 22nd, the Planning Board will hold a hearing on the company’s Major Site Plan for that use.

Updated (7/11/24 9:30 am): Quickly after posting the initial story, I realized that the second location was linked to hearing notices for the adult day care. So I added that info.

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