Southborough Police warn to be on lookout for light blue mini-van

by beth on June 25, 2013

Southborough Police Department posted on Facebook today:

[We] have witnesses who have advised us that they have seen a 2005-2008 light blue colored mini-van in the area, around the time of the breaks (sic). This van has been observed to be occupied (at the time of the break-ins) by two Brazilian or Hispanic males.

If you observe a vehicle fitting this type of description in your neighborhood, please contact the Southborough Police Department immediately at (508) 485-2121.

Please call at the time you make the observation of suspicious behavior. We have had many residents who have contacted us, hours after observing something suspicious. Unfortunately, the suspicious parties are long gone before we are able to identify or investigate them.

Please feel free to “share” this post with others, in order to help increase awareness throughout the town. Thank you for your assistance.

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