Police report that underage party on Friday included signs of marijuana and alcohol use

by beth on February 4, 2019

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Police issued a press release this afternoon about an incident from Friday night. According to to the report a party involving juveniles allegedly included numerous signs of marijuana and alcohol use.

No adults were involved in or aware of the gathering. The matter has been forwarded for a juvenile hearing. Here is the press release:

On, 2/1/2019, at approximately 11:10 p.m., Southborough Officers responded to Parkerville Road for a report of a loud party. They observed 10-15 juveniles running from the area, and getting into cars. They later met with the juvenile resident in charge of the home, and observed numerous signs of alcohol and marijuana use inside the residence. Seventeen individuals between the ages of 15-17 were detained until parents and guardians could be contacted for pick up. Most are residents of Southborough and Northborough with one residing in Sutton, and another in Waltham. School Officials were notified.

A report has been forwarded to the Westboro Court Juvenile Section for a Magistrate’s Hearing for the juvenile in charge of the home for, LIQUOR, PERSON UNDER 21 POSSESS 138/34C/A, and LIQUOR TO PERSON UNDOER 21, FURNISHING 138/34. There were no responsible adults present or with knowledge of the gathering.

Kenneth M. Paulhus Chief of Police 2/4/2019

1 Go T-Hawks February 5, 2019 at 7:32 AM

Good timing!

This event occurred one night after the presentation at ARHS by Dr. Ruth Potee on the subject of adolescent brain development. In it she discussed the dangers to teens of exposure to alcohol and other psycho active substances.

These kids are the future of our country…

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