News or emergency information sources

I try my best to cover local news and events. But I can’t get it all, and I don’t work  24/7. So, here are some other great sources.

I listed the links more likely needed for urgent news first. (Emergencies/weather/accidents).

If you are interested in local features or news, scroll down for other media sources for our area.

Emergency Alerts/Official news and updates

  • CodeRed phone and text alerts by the town: (Your house phone line should automatically be included in alerts. But to add your mobile phone or texting, you need to register.)
  • Town of Southborough Updates: Twitter from our local government (@17Common) – It’s not generally used for emergencies. But it is used to announce town office closings and DPW news.
  • Southborough Police Facebook page
  • Southborough Fire Department Facebook page
  • (Facebook): The editor sometimes shares breaking news on local emergencies (fires, road closures, power outages, etc.) 
  • Of course, don’t forget that I also have a twitter account and Facebook page.


  • Power Outage map: National Grid (Report power outages: 800-322-3223)
  • Weather updates: National Weather Service, Boston – Facebook page

Commuter Updates

Local Media

  • My Southborough: You’re on it. (In case you stumbled across this page, click on the home page for my latest coverage of town events, politics, school news and more. Not to mention reader comments discussing and debating the latest issues residents are talking about.)
  • Southborough Access Media: Videos of  town government meetings and events in town. More recently it’s also produced informational videos for town organizations and agencies. And it occasionally produces unique features (interviews, etc.)
  • (Facebook): The former website is now a Facebook page. The editor sometimes shares breaking news on local emergencies (fires, road closures, power outages, etc.) She often posts great photos of town events and Southborough nature. She also shares news releases and flyers for the region.
  • Southborough Wicked Local: News from the Southborough and Northborough Villager (mixed with news from the greater region and national columns.)
  • Community Advocate: Feature stories for the towns of Westborough, Shrewsbury, Northborough, Marlborough, Hudson, and Southborough.
  • The Algonquin Harbinger: The newspaper run by and for Algonquin Regional High School students.

Recent headlines:

Neary Family Literacy Night - October 23

Neary Family Literacy Night - October 23Next Monday, Neary School is hosting its 2nd Annual Family Literacy Night. It's an evening to celebrate student literacy as a family. It's also a chance for the school to raise funds for SOS and collect contributions to The Pajama [more]

Gonk Art news: "Double Header" on Wednesday; Fall Instrumental - Nov 1; other highlights

Gonk Art news: Algonquin's Arts department has been blogging news from the school. Stories include announcements on two events coming up soon (or three, depending on how you slice [more]

Special Election: Apply now for your Absentee Ballot

Special Election: Apply now for your Absentee BallotDo you have a legitimate reason you can't make it to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th? If so, you can apply for an Absentee [more]

11th annual Gobble Wobble: Start trotting (or sign up to help out)

Since the event always takes place on Thanksgiving, it would be silly to tell you to "save the date". But, for those of you who like to get in shape for the 5K, this is a friendly reminder that it's coming upon [more]

"Here, Lily! Where are you?": Owner seeking lost cat

Has anyone seen her wandering around town? [more]