Southborough resident weighs in on Palin

Southborough resident Charlie Gadbois, who has a child with Down Syndrome, shared his thoughts on the Palin nomination with the Wall Street Journal:

“Trig Palin already seems to have raised public awareness of many of those issues. Charlie Gadbois, a Southborough, Mass., home builder whose 11-year-old daughter, Marie, has Down syndrome, said he programmed his computer to alert him to news about the condition. He is used to getting two or three alerts a day, he said, but this week ‘I’ve had to shut the darn thing off’ because of all the Internet traffic. He called the Palins’ inclusion of Trig in their convention appearance ‘phenomenal’ and predicted it would help reassure ‘the family that’s struggling with a choice tonight, that’s sitting on the couch wondering what life is going to be like.'” … Full story

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