Planning Board gives go-ahead to Fay Primary School project

The Goodnow House on Middle Road would be incorporated into the new Fay Primary School complex.

In a special meeting last night, the Planning Board voted to approve the Fay Primary School project. If you’re having trouble keeping the Fay construction projects straight, this is the one on Middle Road that incorporates the existing Goodnow House. The complex will house Fay’s new pre-K and kindergarten program.

In addition to new structures, the project includes a new circular driveway for pick-up and drop-off, and this driveway is a source of controversy. The driveway exit will lie directly across the street from a private residence. The resident who owns the home is concerned about car lights shining in her front window and vehicles driving on her lawn as they turn onto Middle Road.

Board of Selectmen Chairman Bill Boland expressed concern at how the neighbor is being treated by Fay. “Fay says it’s being a good neighbor, but I’m not seeing this in practice,” he said. Fay has offered to install some sort of screening in front of the house, like a fence or landscaping, but is reluctant to redesign the driveway. Boland felt the Planning Board should be more insistent that changes be made to accommodate the homeowner, who is a long-time Southborough resident, not to mention a retired school teacher and a widow.

Traffic was another topic of conversation. Fay estimates a 10-17% increase in traffic depending on time of day. Some of the increased traffic will be on Middle Road and some will be on Main St.

Fay still needs approval from the Conservation Commission before permits can be issued. They hope to begin construction in February in order to complete the project for the opening of the 2010 school year.

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