Santa arrives in Southborough: Photos from Santa Day

Did you make it out to see Santa on Saturday? I don’t know what the official attendance was, but jolly old St. Nick had no shortage of adoring fans when he arrived in dramatic fashion on St. Mark’s lawn. In the shot below, the crowds were just beginning to gather to await his arrival.

Awaiting Santa's arrival

The first glimpse of Santa’s sleigh, er helicopter, appears over the treetops.

Santa's arrival

What leaves remained on St. Mark’s lawn were whipped into a frenzy by the approaching helicopter. So was the crowd.

Santa's arrival

Santa disembarks with a trusty elf.

Santa's arrival

Local Boy Scouts escorted Santa to the Community House …

Santa's arrival

… but not before he took some time to work the crowd.

Working the crowd

Inside the Community House, Santa is making a list and checking it twice.

Checking his list

This last photo was taken by the wonderful Nancy Gould of Nancy Gould Photography. (Thanks, Nancy!)

Santa Day is an annual fundraiser for Southborough Kindergroup, a cooperative for kids and their caregivers.

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