Draft of the town warrant available

A draft of the fical year 2010 town warrant is posted on the Advisory Committee’s website. Town meeting isn’t until April, so I’m sure the warrant will go through significant revision between now and then. Still, it’s an interesting first peek. Some notable items include:

  • Article 8: Building a new police station and demolishing the existing one.
  • Article 12: Capital plan items including solar panels on DPW building ($300,090), Main St. underground utility design ($350,000), water meter replacement ($500,000), an EMS reporting system ($40,000), Town House office reconfiguration ($100,000), and various Senior Center improvements ($95,400), among others.
  • Article # TBD: Purchase of a new aerial ladder truck ($950,000).
  • Article # TBD: A change to the registered sex offender restriction based on a ruling by the Attorney General.

I just skimmed the warrant, and there is much more in there. What items do you think are most interesting? Check it out here.

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14 years ago

If your going to deal with sex offender ordinances, please read these three articles. There is no serious study that recommends the type of ordinances. We need to start listening to the experts rather than basing our laws that protect no one yet endangers everyone. Feel good laws do not work

Residency limits on sex offenders questioned

Lawmakers briefed on sex offender management—There is a great "Power Point" presentation link within the article.

When Evidence is Ignored
Residential Restrictions For Sex Offenders
By Richard Tewksbury and Jill Levenson

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