Looking for a job? Think local.

There are a few job openings with the town, both contract and permanent. Here are the details.

Conservation Scientist: Provides technical and scientific review for the Conservation Commission. Acts as a scientist, environmental officer, and consultant for the Commission. Approximately 10 hours per week, no benefits. (full job description)

DPW Mechanic: Work includes maintenance and repair of DPW equipment and vehicles and maintenance and repair of some Police and Fire vehicles. Work also includes garage and DPW building maintenance, purchasing and maintaining stock of repair parts, tool and parts fabrication, mig & stick welding, gasoline pump inspections and maintaining equipment and vehicle maintenance repair logs and equipment and vehicle registration information. (full job description)

Transfer Station Truck Driver: Work includes typical Transfer Station operations including, but not limited to, running the refuse compactor, changing refuse trailers, hauling refuse trailers to disposal sites, Transfer Station grounds maintenance, maintaining recycling area and refuse disposal area in a neat and orderly condition, assisting residents as required Work also includes other Public Works operations including, but not limited to, sanding, snow plowing, roadway maintenance, cemetery maintenance, assisting with interments, water meter reading and assistance at water breaks. (full job description)

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