What impact will EMC layoffs have on Southborough?

EMC has a significant presence in Southborough. And in addition to existing offices on Coslin Drive, the company has proposed a new 1.5-million-square-foot complex to be built on the Southborough/Westborough line.

So, as the Boston Globe reports, people in this area are watching the recent news of restructuring and layoffs closely.

Southborough Town Planner Vera Kolias tells the Globe, “EMC is a key figure in the Metrowest economy, so it’s certainly not good news.”

EMC said 600 jobs in Massachusetts will be lost, but beyond that hasn’t said what offices will be affected. And while the permitting process for the new complex continues in both Southborough and Westborough, there are no immediate plans to put shovel to earth.

In the Globe article, EMC spokesman Dave Farmer said of the proposed development, “It’s safe to say we’re more likely to consolidate rather than expand real estate in the near term.”

Read the full article in the Globe here.

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