Southborough loses $53K in local aid

Last week Governor Deval Patrick said he would cut $128 million in local aid to cities and towns to make up for a mid-year budget shortfall. Today we learned the details.

Southborough will lose $53K in funding from the state. That’s about 10% of our local aid package.

The cut is in line with what the Board of Selectmen anticipated. At a meeting on Tuesday, Chairman Bill Boland said he expected a $50K reduction. With the cut in local aid combined with budget overruns in other areas, the selectmen have asked town department heads to be cautious in their spending.

The local aid cut impacts the current fiscal year (FY2009). Reduced aid is also anticipated for the next fiscal year starting in July.

Surrounding towns face a similar 10% cut. Here’s how that works out in terms of dollars:

  • Northborough: $135K
  • Westborough: $140K
  • Hopkinton: $95K
  • Framingham: $1.2M
  • Marlborough: $660K

You can view the complete spreadsheet of local aid cuts to see how other towns faired.

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N Vargas
15 years ago

I believe there is going to be additional local funding as part of President Obabma’s stimulus package. So, if the package passes, maybe all hope is not lost.

N Vargas
15 years ago

I meant “Obama’s.”

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