A new spin on the police station proposal

Is buying cheaper than building? That’s the question the Municipal Facilities Committee is asking.

The committee has been working on a proposal for a new police station for the past year. Up until now there have been two options under consideration: rehab the existing police station or demolish it and build a new one. But the committee recently decided to throw a third option on the table.

According to Town Administrator Jean Kitchen, the committee will soon start a search for existing buildings in town that might work as a new police station. The search will be conducted through a formal RFP (request for proposal) process. Kitchen described the decision to look at existing buildings as “cost-driven.”

It’s a decision that likely comes as welcome news to the Southborough Historical Commission, which has opposed the demolition of the existing police station because of its historic value.

But is there an existing building in town that could house a police station? That’s a good question.

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John Kendall
15 years ago

I know first hand that the current police station is in dire need of something. I am all for providing the PD with a new building. The problem with that is, if history serves us well, all of the recent school work has come back to bite the town over and over again. Renovate…..not that place. It is not suitable as a police station anymore. Purchase something else in town? You mean like Cordaville Hall? Another stick in the side? Although I am no architect, i truly don’t see any real historic significance with the current building that would prevent demolition. Heck, look at the Arts Center. Nickel and diming us to death. Nope, knock it down and build a modern facility of land the town already owns. Let’s try saving some money. With the economy going the way it is, it’s time to cut out needless spending, and do something that will be fiscally responsible for years to come.

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