Algonquin has a high graduation rate

That’s probably not ground-breaking news, is it? Numbers released last week by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education revealed Algonquin’s graduation rate is significantly higher than the state average.

Across the state, 81.2% of students who started high school as freshmen in 2004 graduated in 2008. At Algonquin that number was 97.2%. That’s up from 96.3% in 2007.

With a starting enrollment of 323 in 2004, that means a total of 314 students graduated with their class in 2008. What happened to the other nine? According to the stats, four are still in school, four got their GED, and just one dropped out.

Here’s a comparison of other area schools. You can view the complete list of graduation rates on the DOE website. (A note if you look at the full list. You can view graduation rates by school or by district. For example, Northborough-Southborough has a rate of 96.4% while Algonquin has a rate of 97.2%. I have no idea why there’s a difference, but I chose to report school rates here.)

  • Shrewsbury 92.8%
  • Westborough 95.2%
  • Concord-Carlisle 95.8%
  • Lincoln-Sudbury 95.9%
  • Hopkinton 95.9%
  • Wellesley 96.5%
  • Algonquin 97.2%
  • Wayland 99.1%

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