Dennis Wrenn obituary and scholarship fund


An obituary for Dennis Wrenn, Algonquin’s longtime music director who died unexpectedly last week, was posted on the Britton Funeral Home website. Here’s an excerpt:

Dennis was a positive personality whose cell-phone ring-tone, “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” (The Life of Brian/Spamalot) epitomized his enthusiasm for living. Dennis lived life with commitment and gusto and was involved in every aspect of teaching and learning. School, music, and the well being of children were central to his core of existence.

The Northborough Southborough Music Association (NSMA) has set up a Scholarship Fund in memory of Mr. Wrenn “to help carry on the incredible work of Dennis and to assist students who pursue the music that he so loved.” Donations can be sent to:

The Dennis Wrenn Scholarship Fund
NSMA c/o Algonquin Regional High School
79 Bartlett Street
Northborough, MA 01532

Donations are tax deductible. Make checks payable to The Dennis Wrenn Scholarship Fund or NSMA.

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Tom Manuel
15 years ago

As a student at Boston University I was SO privilaged to do my student teaching with Dennis. Little did I know that what was just another part of school would turn into the greatest influence and friendship I could have ever asked for. Dennis taught me not only how to be a good teacher, but to be a good person; he taught me the importance of being a good musician, but even more so a good listener and a good friend. His influence spanned so far he helped me get my first job in New York and he was always just a phone call or a visit away when I needed help with anything. The best part of any band trip with my students was being able to introduce them to MY teacher and let them hear his band….As heartbroken as I am when I think of not being able to visit Dennis anymore on my Boston trips, it makes me so happy to know that the character and passion he had lives on in coutless teachers and an endless line of students…Dennis truly made a difference and his legacy lives on.

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