Handwriting may mean more than you think

We email, we text, we IM, we blog. How often do we actually write by hand? Is teaching good handwriting still important these days?

Occupational therapist Karen Conrad says yes, and she’ll explain why at a seminar sponsored by the Northborough/Southborough Special Education Parent Advisory Council (NSPAC) on Thursday night. Topics to be covered in her presentation “Hand Skills and Handwriting: Why Are They Important?” include:

  • What are the developmental milestones needed for good hand skills?
  • Why teach hand skills and handwriting?
  • What is the ideal way to teach handwriting?
  • Can a poor pencil grip be changed?
  • Is handwriting important in the computer age?

The presentation starts at 6:45 pm at the Trottier Middle School library. The meeting is open to everyone and reservations are not required. For more information visit the NSPAC website.

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