Is Southborough one of the best places to live?


Boston Magazine recently published a list of the best places to live in Massachusetts, and Southborough didn’t make the cut.

In our area, Hopkinton was named one of the top 10 towns “holding steady” in the tough economy, and Sudbury was called out as a top town for bargain hunters.

At least one reader felt Southborough was overlooked. Commenter Julianne wrote on the site:

I just wanted to let you know that i was very disappointed in this article as a proud home owner in Southborough, ma i believe we were the only town in the “red” on your map not to get a paragraph written about our town. Southborough continues to always be one of the highest end towns year after year in your annual real estate issue. Southborough generally is in the top 20 highest median priced home towns and in the top 10 highest income per household,yet THERE NEVER SEEMS TO BE ANY RECOGNITION FOR WHAT A SUPERIOR TOWN AND COMMUNITY SOUTHBOROUGH IS. Not to mention some of the finest public schools and two of the countries most elite private schools. It would be nice to not be thought of as some “hick” town out by worcester. MORE ARTICLES SHOULD BE WRITTEN ABOUT SOUTHBOROUGH.(instead of feeling like WHERE’S THAT)

So, what do you think? Should Southborough have made the list of best places to live? Sounds like time for another My Southborough poll!

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14 years ago

Some folks would like to compare Southborough to towns such as Weston. Well, we aren’t a bunch of rednecks anymore (those of us who actually remember buffalo and cows in town), but some have turned the town into a “state of mind”. Sears Road used to be the road with the Wolfpen Farm. Cordaville used to be the home of trains and the real Fitzgerald’s store. Fisher Road had a huge dairy farm, not huge “McMansions. The town has now become several conclaves of what those who live in them imagine them to be.

14 years ago

Southborough is not the town it was 10 years ago. It has not kept up to the improved downtown such as Hopkinton Ashland and Northboro. These towns have also improved their schools. It is not that we are getting any worse we are just standing still

14 years ago

I’d like to follow-up on the comment made by Julianne re: Southborough and their elite schools…

What some fail to recognize is that Southborough is also home to a world renown school know for its excellence in teaching children with Autism, this school being The New England Center for Children. Yes, I’m speaking of the school on Rt. 9. West, no frills, bells or whistles, no beautiful buildings or picturesque landscaping but what they (NECC) have is a proven track record of success in teaching children with Autism that is truly incredible. I’d also like to mention the NECC went global two years ago with a school in Abu Dhabi.

Having lived here for over 15 years I see how the town has changed and no it’s not as pretty as some other towns – it could be and it’ll get there someday. It still is however (for the most part) where everyone knows your name (for better or for worse).

So if Southborough was overlooked as being one of the best places to live – that’s OK we locals know better and that what really matters is our own opinion not some outsiders (Boston Magazine).

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