Schools to renegotiate health plan with teachers union

The Southborough School Committee last night voted unanimously to reopen negotiations with the teachers union over health insurance plans. The vote came after the Board of Selectmen reduced the K-8 benefits budget by $120K last week.

“The town has decided the budget deficit should be borne by the schools,” School Committee member Marybeth Strickland said.

Selectmen said last week that if school employees increased the amount they pay for health insurance by 5% to match the percentage paid by town employees, it would save the town $120K annually. Redesigning the health plan the school uses could save $80K.

The School Committee entered a closed session at the end of their public meeting last night to discuss collective bargaining.

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15 years ago

“The town has decided that the budget deficit should be borne by the schools”. How about the School Department should be fiscally responsible and bring the teachers into line with the rest of the employees. All the other unions have signed on to help the town. The teachers should do exactly the same.

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