Adam Sandler coming to Southborough?

adam-sandlerThat’s the rumor according to the Boston Herald:

Site snoops from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison buddy-movie comedy allegedly called “Lakeside,” starring Sandler, David Spade and Kevin James, have been making the rounds in Wellesley, Essex, Southboro, Wareham and also at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Word is, filming on the project, which reportedly also stars Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi and Norm MacDonald, begins in mid-May and will end about Labor Day.

I suppose if you’re filming a movie called “Lakeside” there’s no better place than a town that’s 25% water. Except maybe one that actually has a lake.

(Here’s a link to the full article by the Boston Herald, but don’t bother to follow it. The newspaper archives articles on their website after seven days, and this piece is from a few weeks ago, so you’ll only be able to read the first two paragraphs. … Now I know what you’re thinking. What kind of news source am I waiting so long to bring you news of this magnitude? Shame on me.)

3/25 Update: The rumor is true. Read about the details in this post.

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