Seals in Southborough?

As you drive around town this weekend, keep your eyes on the reservoir and your camera at the ready. A Marlborough couple reported seeing a seal — that’s right, a seal — in the reservoir off Route 85 just north of Route 9 yesterday.

The sighting is unconfirmed and a rep from the New England Aquarium tells the Metrowest Daily News that it’s unlikely it was actually a seal, although she admits stranger things have happened.

So, what do you think? Could it have been a seal? Or maybe a beaver? Or a duck? Or one too many pints at Owen O’Leary’s? Hazard a guess in the comments.

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14 years ago

There have been stranger things sighted around town over the years…..primates, politicians, world leaders………Waldo

Seymour Goode
14 years ago

How about otter? And fisher… there’s one of them in our backyard area. Not far from the Sudbury River near the train station.

Thanks for your good job posting MySouthborough! Excellent.

14 years ago

A seal sighting suggests one of two things: Either someone put the seal there, or there are several seals, as any naturally occurring seal would have to have seal parents, I assume. Is there a fresh water-seal-stocking bandit in our midst? Are we missing a burgeoning seal population in the Res? Or, is this seal a spontaneous genetic mutation from, say, a Golden Retriever? All reasonable possibilities, I think.

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