Selectmen meet with legislators

Rep. Danielle Gregoire (left), Senator Jamie Eldridge (center), and Rep. Carolyn Dykema (right)
Rep. Danielle Gregoire (left), Senator Jamie Eldridge (center), and Rep. Carolyn Dykema (right)

Senator Jamie Eldridge and Representatives Carolyn Dykema (Southborough Precincts 2 and 3), and Danielle Gregoire (Southborough Precinct 1) checked in with the Southborough selectmen this week. The discussion ranged from the gas tax and toll hikes to the bottle tax to local aid to affordable housing. Some highlights:

“The residents of MetroWest have been hit for years with tolls on the Turnpike. It’s atrocious to put the burden of the Big Dig on the backs of MetroWest. I see this as something hitting the residents of Southborough even harder.” —Chairman Bill Boland

“Any time we increase taxes, the burden falls on seniors because of their fixed income. Our seniors are hurting. I’d like to see the state cut more out of their budget. We’re doing it at the town level.” —Selectwoman Bonnie Phaneuf

“The 495 and Route 9 area is a hotbed. We have some empty lots I’d like to see filled.” —Rep. Gregoire

Service levels on the MBTA are “infuriating.” —Selectman Sal Giorlandino

“It’s encouraging, but it’s not enough to fix all the problems.” —Senator Eldridge on federal stimulus money earmarked for mass transit

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Kelly Roney
15 years ago

Something to keep in mind when talking about cutting the state budget: Gov. Patrick, with the legislature on board, has already cut the budget by $2.4 billion, which is almost 10%. More cuts are probably coming, but it’s not as if taxes were the first option ever.

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